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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

During the past several years, American Energy Technologies Company has been working hard to implement sustainable practices within our company and on a larger scale.

AETC regularly reuses carboard boxes we receive for outgoing shipments, rather than purchasing new boxes. To reduce paper towel consumption, we utilize microfiber cloths for simple cleanup in the laboratories whenever possible.

Although the industrial building in which American Energy Technologies Company is housed does not provide recycling services, AETC has implemented several recycling initiatives, such as recycling used batteries by taking them to local battery collection bins. In addition, most of AETC’s employees exclusively use reusable water bottles, but those who drink from plastic bottles collect them for recycling off-site. "Water bottles tend to be one of the easiest items to recycle, so we decided to do our part by collecting them and making sure they are recycled," said Gina Griza, one of the employees who initiated the recycling effort. Finally, AETC is in the process of switching glove providers to a company that accepts back used gloves for recycling into other plastic products.

Through a partnership with ComEd, AETC has been in the process of rating the energy efficiency of our plant equipment and machinery.

On a larger scale, all of AETC’s outgoing shipments have been carbon neutral since March of 2020, thanks to the help of our distributors. In fact, AETC has managed to offset approximately 100 kg of carbon dioxide emissions just from switching to carbon neutral shipping. Several years ago, we also used our battery expertise to produce blog posts advising corporate communities how to properly dispose of and recycle different types of batteries.

American Energy Technologies Company is proud to actively work towards a greener world.



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