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In 2019, American Energy Technologies Company (AETC) celebrated its tenth anniversary. The company was founded and is managed by battery and materials science experts with years of engineering and technology experience on top of formal PhD- and MBA-level educations. With decades of experience working in industrial corporations, our founders decided to do something new, opening a privately-held, woman-owned business focused on manufacturing and committed to the research and development (R&D) of new products and technologies. This ecosystem is epitomized in a fully-functional laboratory facility which complement the growth of our pilot plants and production systems.

Although AETC conducts operations out of two locations in the greater Chicago area of Illinois, we are also an international company. Outside of the units, our work puts us in contact with people as close as village authorities in Arlington Heights, and as far as our approximately fifty active customers spanning the globe. We are connected to initiatives, big and small, in Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, and the United States. We recognize that it impossible for one company to do it all, nor to survive without outreach to those with greater capabilities. Therefore, AETC is an active participant in several CRADAs (Cooperative Research And Development Agreements) with commercial and government entities, national laboratories, and academic institutions. We also participate in a number of Connect & Develop-type initiatives with commercial entities.

Vertical integration is a key concept at AETC. For example, in regards to batteries, the conductive dispersions and graphite powders we produce turn into electrode coatings. Together with the battery parts we design and create, these are merged into a battery product supplied to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This concept of vertical integration allows us to see the big picture, eliminate the bull-whipping effect in inventory management, minimize or eliminate bottlenecks, adhere to premier quality standards throughout the process line, and ensure excellent traceability.

AETC is also undertaking a significant amount of work in the area of social responsibility. For example, we are proud to be a woman-owned and American company. Additionally, we work with universities and schools to recruit their top students for our internship programs. Because we are a family-owned business, we create a family-like atmosphere at work. AETC recognizes the value of nurturing our most valuable, intangible assets: our employees. Therefore, we make sure to provide training, opportunities for growth, and a fun and mutually respectful environment. In customer service, we establish a personal connection with clients, incorporating the best of the classic business models based on developing mutual trust, integrity and respect.

We also recognize that the businesses that thrive in today’s world prioritize innovation and diversification. Our R&D produces new product designs and concepts literally every day. We cater to established technological markets with a micro-niche marketing approach, identifying value-added product segments, even within commodity product lines.

Our mission statement is as follows: American Energy Technologies Co. is a U.S., privately held manufacturing company. We create value through innovation in the areas of sustainable energy and industrial graphite and carbon by operating on a technological juncture of new materials development, electrochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, nano-materials, and engineering. We efficiently take our developments to the marketplace using advanced niche marketing, aided by our commitment to superior product quality, consistency, and sustainability. Building on our own expertise, along with that of strategic partnerships, we strive to deliver cutting-edge products; build customer-partner relationships; and foster the professional development of our employees – the most valuable intangible assets we have.

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