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AETC brings world-class expertise in ultra-high performance paints and coatings to the market. Applications range from can coatings for alkaline batteries to ultra-high temperature electrically conductive coatings for EMRG technology.

In 2010, AETC launched a market introduction of its own newly developed and manufactured product, a conductive graphite dispersion for batteries. This product is used in batteries for purposes of conductivity enhancement and protection from corrosion, thereby helping batteries last longer. A modified version of the above formula also features great thermally-conductive properties. The third group of coatings by AETC provides protection from laceration, abrasion, puncture, and noise. These can be applied on firm and flexible substrates.

AETC is a leader in several promising grades of conductive dispersions for a variety of industries. Major specialties include thermally conductive paints, anti-counterfeiting coatings, and aesthetic functional coatings.

AETC manufactures a graphite-based coating for alkaline battery cans to increase durability and performance of household batteries. The electrically conductive coating can be applied to copper, aluminum foils, meshes, and expanded metal. These coatings are an invisible, but crucial part of any high-end battery. The material creates a 2- to 3- micron layer formed by continuous deposit onto foil. The deposit roughens the surface of the foil, improving adhesion of the active layer. The coating creates a chemical stability in corrosive electrolyte that remains constant over time. It minimizes the ohmic drop in the face of resistance to prevent lowering the overall resistance of material to its substrate.

AETC is most proud of the H100 coating. This groundbreaking conductive dispersion can withstand corrosion and temperature extremes, benefitting industries from battery development to aerospace. The coating works in substrates that require applications in temperatures up to 250°C. An AETC coating H300 with a glasslike binder can operate at temperatures over 700°C.


One project that AETC worked on with the US Navy involved subjecting a coating to temperatures over 1000°C for a short time. When applied to an electromagnetic railgun, the coating survived with consistent performance in firing armature. The coating consistently allowed multiple armature to be fired, a potential breakthrough in railgun technology. AETC coatings also serve several industrial applications. We sell lubrication for commercial equipment such as chain lubes for pizza ovens. Other lubricants include railroad lubricant for frogs (switches), forging lubricants, graphite dispersions in mineral oil, cooling fluids for metalworking, penetrating lubricants with fast drying capabilities for slow moving metal machinery, and dry lubricants, to name a few. In addition, AETC sells thermally conductive coatings to prevent large heat buildup by withdrawing thermal energy from the operating object. The advanced line of thermally conductive conductive coatings is made from graphite. Some varieties also include synthetic diamond dust.


Several customers approached AETC requesting aesthetic anti-scratch top coats, which AETC now proudly offers. The top coats are made of polyurethane. Their color does not fade with exposure to sun, and can protect metal from corrosion when applied over a zinc-rich primer. The coating can protect everything from industrial equipment to cell phones.

Currently, AETC is building a full-scale liquid dispersion plant to increase the manufacturing of industrial coatings dispersions. This plant contains state-of-the-art Japan-made equipment, including an advanced wet grinding mill that can reduce material to nano particles. The mill efficiently processes carbon black, ceramics, and synthetic graphite dispersions without relying on a traditional ball milling technology that poses a risk of cross-contamination. This plant is proof that AETC eagerly supports our corporate commitment for entering the market of industrial lubricants and coatings by continued investments into technologies and hi-tech equipment.

AETC coatings are presently being used in two major projects with the industry. In one, an anticorrosive paint is applied to brake pads as part of the wear sensor system. The coating wears out as the brake pad does the same, creating a safer, more durable brake ware prediction mechanism. A well-known brake pad manufacturer is currently carrying out experiments with the coating. The other project involves controlling the temperature in residential boilers.

Overall, AETC customers are pleased with the quality of our conductive dispersions. We encourage interested parties to contact AETC with specifics of your application. Pilot samples in quart, gallon, and pail sizes are available on request. Alternatively, we can coat your parts with our paints and coatings, and ship them back to you for testing.

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