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The business branch of American Energy Technologies Co. provides marketing, new business development, and business consulting services to interested clients from the industry. Our customers include a growing number of organizations from the US and abroad whose new products and services are on their way to making a difference in market segments such as energy storage, composite materials, corrosion protection, industrial catalysis, high-temperature synthesis, and nanotechnology.

Recently, we have been approached by a number of commercial clients wanting to develop business cases for the use of graphite and carbon in value-added applications such as advanced battery markets. Our work has focused on developing production flow sheets, P&IDs, general assembly arrangement drawings of plant installation, equipment selection, cost assessment, and selling price modeling. After this, our typical client either continues working with us or engages an engineering firm to transition our work into a fully functional plant operation. Once a plant is built, the question of demand arises. The 1980s philosophy of “We will build it, they will come” is irrelevant to today’s markets. Thus, prior to building new industrial facilities, we work with our trusted and valued clients on prototyping projects. We address not only the engineering requirements, but the business aspects of technology as well. By the time a complete plant is designed, the mini-operation from pilot plant is already functioning from the business perspective.

Our clients are equipped with ISO-compliant roadmaps defining their operations regarding:

  • Document control

  • Management responsibility

  • Control review

  • Control of product provisions

  • Handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery

  • Internal quality audits

  • Control of nonconforming product

  • Corrective and preventive action

  • Records control

  • Competence, awareness, and training

  • Purchasing

  • Product identification and traceability

  • Monitoring and measuring devices

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Inspection and test

  • Continual improvement

Consider AETC for your business development services for help with issues such as:

  • Disproportionate industry power

  • Competitors and lead time

  • Risk-averse customers

  • Product diversification

  • Investor timing

  • Analysis of leadership capabilities

  • Patent and literature searches

  • Beta site analysis

  • Customer loss ratios

  • Consumer comments

  • Order patterns

If you are interested in having an unbiased, independent company evaluation, we suggest that you consider talking with representatives of American Energy Technologies Co. first.

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