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AETC is proud of its technology development work with anti-tamper technologies. We as a society are facing a growing problem in counterfeits and critical technology proliferations with critical parts. AETC is part of a community of scientists and engineers who are developing and implementing technologies for the identification and protection of U.S. industry and manufacturers from counterfeit parts in the market. We have developed a number of early diagnostic tools for the identification of counterfeit parts and minerals, and we are actively working in this field.

Revolutionary Technologies:  Armor on flexible substrates and Anti-Tamper Coatings

American Energy Technologies Company is pleased to introduce a range of innovative coatings acting as armor on flexible substrates.  The primary purpose of these coatings is to protect flexible substrates from puncture, laceration, attrition, abrasion and other tamper impacts.  One of many examples of a flexible substrate is a diver dry suit used in recreational fishing.

Our coatings are produced by way of embedding various forms of lightweight, corrosion-free carbonaceous materials with a very unique set of properties into an adhesive to apply as a slurry to flexible substrates. Alternatively, coatings could include super hard, transparent, carbon-based dust to provide additional protection and stealth characteristics that would lower basic visibility in water by giving the suits a green-brown tinge. The picture shows flexible rubberized rectangular substrates, coated with AETC coating.

American Energy Technologies Company is open to work with diver suit manufacturers in the capacity of a vendor of the proprietary premium quality abrasion resistant coating system.  We would be prepared to fine-tune the coating formulation and its application system (e.g. spray booths, dipping tanks, slurry preparation system, curing ovens, solvent recycling system and QC/QA setups) as depicted in figure below, per specific manufacturer’s needs.  The system could be made portable so as it could be installed on as needed basis at customer sites for purpose of coating of divers’ suits on demand.


The featured technology is available to benefit a host of applications within the commercial diving industry. We could coat wet and dry suits, deep-sea free swimming scuba costumes, and so on.

Applications outside the diving industry include:

  • Anti-tamper films for electronics;

  • Puncture-resistant coatings for gloves for TSA passenger security screening personnel at the airports and on other checkpoints;

  • Non-slip mats for use of stairs and ship decks;

  • Non-slide coatings for snowshoes;

  • Firm grip moisture resistant liners for cargo trucks;

  • Protection of moving or impacted parts of industrial equipment such as chutes / hoppers, exhaust fan blades and housing, nozzles, cyclone separators, etc.

We encourage interested organizations to contact a representative of American Energy Technologies Company with specifics of your anti-tamper application.

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