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If you take a look at American Energy Technologies Company, you will see a small business located in Illinois with four units. Our Glenview office is a business center. However, the heart of AETC lies a few miles west.

Production and R&D are concentrated in Arlington Heights, IL. This facility has been in place since early 2010. Our first materials science lab was commissioned in Unit D that same year. Soon after, the first pilot line was added, with grinding, sizing, metalworking, and materials processing machines and tools. A significant addition to the pilot Unit D site was the installation of a glovebox and continuous roll-to-roll coater; this allowed us to begin practicing the concept of vertical integration. We produced powders, then coated them on electrodes, which were assembled into batteries to be shipped to original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

In 2015, AETC expanded into Unit B. This site represents a fully-functional pilot plant dedicated to the production of expanded graphite, activated carbon, carbon-coated spherical graphite, and other advanced forms of carbon for batteries. It is equipped with an impressive network of equipment comprised of calciners, furnaces, cyclones, and a wet scrubber. The unit is also outfitted with sophisticated automated control electronics to regulate gas burners, steam generation, electrical furnaces, and other types of reactors.


Unit D

R&D Laboratory

Our most recent addition is Unit C. This site is a vast processing facility for advanced grinding and sizing, industrial coating and dispersion production, high-temperature graphite-refining reactors in a continuous mode, and high-pressure, high-temperature synthesis of synthetic diamonds and advanced ceramics.

Outside of the units, our work puts us in contact with people from our neighbors in Arlington Heights to our approximately fifty active customers across the world. We are connected to initiatives, big and small, in Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, and the United States – in fact, over 25% of our revenue currently comes from international business.


Altogether, AETC may be summed up by research and development, design, engineering, pilot processing, automation, and production, making us uniquely positioned to serve the international marketplace of advanced materials for batteries, coatings, sensors, electronics, and armor, to name a few.

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