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AETC is a proud developer and small-scale provider of customized battery systems for high-end, form-factored applications. We do not limit ourselves to Li-ion chemistries, even though we are experts at Li-ion. We make and test a number of alkaline battery chemistries, Li-primary, zinc-air, magnesium-air, metal-free, lead-acid, Leclanché, and other batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells in a variety of form-factors, focusing on durable, flight-worthy, stainless-steel construction of casing. We deal with coin, prismatic, cylindrical, and pouch cell technologies.

American Energy Technologies Co. is partnering with our clients in developing new and improved power sources.

We continuously enhance the ecosystem complementary to our core products. Being a vendor of key component parts, powders, conductive paints and functional coatings into a variety of mobile energy platforms, we partner with leading battery, fuel cell, supercapacitor manufacturers and end-users of these and other energy technologies in order to develop new generation power systems.

20-Year Lithium Back-Up Battery

Under the auspices of a project funded through the prestigious national source of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), American Energy Technologies Company is actively developing a prototype battery with a 20-year calendar life.

No battery has ever served under a constant load for 20 years. The system which we are developing is a 3-Volt Lithium primary chemistry, Li/CFx (Lithium Carbon Monofluoride) battery. In qualifying individual cells, we have already achieved some of the highest theoretical energy densities among all commercially available battery systems on the market (1,800 Wh/kg). Testing conducted to date proves that the AETC battery is environmentally friendly, easy to dispose of, flight worthy, and very lightweight.

Less than two years into the project, the probability that AETC battery will meet a calendar life of 20 years reliably stands at 83%. Custom designs can be manufactured in a variety of form factors for a number of end use applications. Send your system requirements by e-mail to:


High-Energy Lithium Ion Battery

American Energy Technologies Company is pleased to announce the results of 2011 partnership effort between our company, Yardney Technical Products Inc. (Pawcatuck, CT), and Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA).

The development team sought to demonstrate the feasibility of the creation of a new and improved lithium-ion battery whose specific energy density could reach 300+ Wh/kg at C/2 rate in the range of temperatures from 60°C to 0°C. The stated target is approximately twice the energy density of an average lithium-ion battery on the US market today.
The development brought successful results, in that a highly efficient anode active material was developed by American Energy Technologies Company. It is based on a Silicon-doped, stabilized graphite. In the next stage of the project, an advanced form of Lithiated mixed oxide cathode was qualified. In order to be able to pair this material with a Silicon anode, the team had to learn to work with thick cathodes. Last but not least, an innovative, inherently safe electrolyte system based on ionic liquid has been qualified. The ionic liquid was efficiently used as a blend component in a standard lithium-ion grade electrolyte. Cells with a low percent addition of our very own ionic liquid and new Si anodes delivered reversible capacity of 1,373 Ah/kg. Cell safety data indicates that no appreciable heat activity occurs with cells up until 210+C, while typical lithium-ion batteries have a temperature of the on-set of thermal runaway reaction at approximately 118 degrees C.

Stay tuned as our development work continues and the new and improved, safe lithium-ion battery with near double the energy density of today’s best product offerings is released.

Boosting High Power Performance of World’s First Fully Commercial Portable Fuel Cell

American Energy Technologies Company closely worked with Dr. Gennadi Finkelstain, Dr. Nino Bortchoukova, and other team members on the incorporation of our new forms of highly conductive carbon diluents and activated carbons into the formulation of air electrodes used by More Energy Ltd. of Lod, Israel.


More Energy became the first company in the world to mass market a portable UL-approved fuel cell charger for consumer electronics. Shown by the image is their cutting edge product, Medis Power Pack 24/7, which weighs 185 grams and represents a 110 Wh/kg, 20 Wh borohydride fuel cell. Medis Power Pack 24/7 was available at select Best Buy stores in the US in 2009-10. More Energy also developed a high power 200 W/kg, 4 kg 14/28 VDC system, “Power Knight”, which was based on the same fuel cell chemistry, coupled with a lithium-ion battery based charger. That system had a practical energy density of 430 Wh/kg.

American Energy Technologies Company is proud to have been closely working with this renowned group since 2005 and having filed for a joint patent application on the improved gas diffusion electrode.

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