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American Energy Technologies Company specializes in designing and developing synthesis reactions resulting in the formation of unique forms of activated carbon. This material is synthesized by running a precursor carbon material through a continuous high-temperature fluidized bed reactor. The resultant material has a higher BET surface area, tighter pore size distribution control, enhanced selectivity of absorption properties, and a higher coefficient of utilization in a range of specialty applications.

AETC specializes in the design and development of process of synthesis of activated carbon. We are currently in the process of launching a dedicated and distinctive product line surrounding the production of activated carbon.


In order to process and create the activated carbon, the precursor carbon is run through a semi-continuous reactor, operating on principle of fluidized bed. The reactor gives us the ability to take advantage of forces of gravity, as the raw material is fed at the top and the discharge is released at the bottom. Gravity assists in pulling the material downward, while simultaneously moving upward, there is a stream of natural gas and steam. Fluidizing media consisting of two streams of gas has a synergistic effect. The natural gas that is released turns the raw carbon into a char, while steam perforates the carbon with millions of microscopic pores, which in turn, creates the activated carbon faster and in a more tunable manner than other technologies on the market.


By running the reactor with the natural gas and steam, our carbon gets a unique particle architecture which leads to a higher BET surface area, tighter control over pore size distribution, enhanced selectivity of absorption properties, and a higher coefficient of utilization in applications, such as in oil & gas, off- gas scrubbing, medical sorbents, or even in gas diffusion electrodes for zinc air (hearing aid) batteries.


In our process, it is important to have control over the raw material, and therefore we established long-term supply contracts with domestic vendors of raw material, most of which are carefully selected organic farms. Our suppliers are able to be specially selected because of our advanced analytical methods, which allow us to pre-qualify the raw materials and the farms we use.

Cleaning the byproducts of the reactor

Throughout our entire operation, it is crucial to us to pay attention to the treatment of the off-gas which is released from the reactor, as to ensure we do not release environmentally unstable materials. Any sulfur with volatile organic matter exits the reactor through the afterburner and is then sent to a wet scrubber. In the scrubber, we are able to neutralize the matter and convert it into environmentally sound by-product, gypsum, which can then be safely disposed of.

Materials Remaining

The carbon materials which exit the reactor are packaged into metal drums for our customers or pass into further processing steps in order to add value as well as to further benficiate the material, such as modifying the surface or ground size to our customers direct specifications.


If the processing described is of interest, please contact AETC for more information.

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