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AETC works with commercial clients who typically represent emerging mining operations on the development of technological flow sheets for production or synthesis of industrial graphite and carbon for use in value-added applications to include energy markets, performance coatings, EAF electrodes, greases, synthetic diamonds, and others. We are capable of developing the entire package required by the pre-feasibility and full bankable feasibility studies of our clients. Our engineering design packages typically include in-depth market analysis, comparative technology analysis, equipment selection, general arrangement, piping, and installation requirements, and other items needed to construct a pilot or industrial plant. We have built, and are building, several scaled-up production facilities using the most innovative approaches in mechanical, structural, electrical, environmental, chemical, and electrochemical engineering.

AETC proudly provides engineering services to its customers which go hand in hand with business development services. We examine various advanced machines, vessels and reactors, aided by a deep knowledge of their technology, experience in working with and operating them, and understanding of what it would take to scale these units up to production level. Often, our customers come to us with questions about how a particular process or piece of equipment will look when they need to make more than a pound-sized sample. We work very closely with equipment manufacturers, making sure that we understand the answers to all these questions. We have also encountered situations where a given machine is only available up to several sizes, with larger production sizes not yet having been developed or made readily available. After consulting manufacturers, we design our processes around the smaller versions of fully scalable machines, incorporate redundancies into equipment selections, or avoid the use of non-scaleable equipment altogether. AETC works with our own internal resources for engineering solutions, but, for work beyond our scope, routinely collaborate with licensed architects and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineers. These engineers significantly aid our capabilities and help move our projects along. Our engineering contractors have done engineering projects for Keyser, Tesla, and other renowned energy companies.

For the development of scale-up plans for machinery, we engineer single-line process diagrams, write Process Control Descriptions (PCDs), organize Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), create Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), generate instrument lists, and engage our trusted partners in automation controls to automate our processes and take out the human factor from operating the process line as much as possible. When doing control automation, we prefer working with established automation brands such as GE and Allen-Bradley.

We have also participated in the creation of General Arrangement (GA) development designs, which demonstrate how future industrial facilities or pilot plants might look, including the locations of particular items or equipment and their setup. We even create virtual plants using advanced 3D modeling– one can “walk” through this plant and look around to see the actual area rendered to scale, fashioned with all the prospective machinery, equipment, pipe arrangements, furniture, and utility placement at different elevations.


A large part of this engineering is adherence to premier quality standards for the plants. We set up procedural outlines for managing inventory with raw materials and finished products, creating quality test programs to include QC and QA testing. We also address environmental issues like handling byproducts of reactive synthesis by applying the most advanced methods of environmental controls, such as highly efficient dual alkali scrubbers, in-stack sensors / real time monitoring, as well as other means of running technologies in an environmentally benign way.

We have applied for and received several building permits, so we have direct experience and knowledge of what it takes to go through the process of creating and building an industrial process facility. Interested clients are encouraged to come and talk to an AETC representative, especially regarding the creation of graphite or battery plants.

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