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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Over the past several months, AETC has continued to partner within the defense and industrial graphite and carbon communities to generate exciting, innovative projects and future opportunities, stemming from AETC representatives attending two conferences in November and December of 2019 which are detailed below.

GRAPHITE + ANODES 2019 -- Benchmark Minerals Week November 2019 | Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA

AETC team members attended this prestigious tradeshow to present three papers regarding graphite and carbon to showcase their versatility and detailed applications in energy storage systems, listed below for reference.

The Intricacies of Graphite Processing for Lithium-Ion Battery Application

Carbon Coatings for Energy Storage Systems

Graphite powders for batteries -- user perspective

The images below depict AETC representatives speaking on carbon coatings in energy storage systems.

After the show, AETC colleagues shared additional presentations that resulted in successful meetings with customers. Specifically, AETC was invited to attend a series of meetings hosted by the local naval base, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) China Lake, located in Ridgecrest, California to discuss future collaboration strategies where AETC’s spherical graphite technology may be utilized in batteries and implemented in NAVAIR systems. Additionally, new and exciting commercial opportunities were outlined to apply AETC’s technology of advanced forms of graphite and Group III and IV elements in Class B firefighting operations. Going into 2020, AETC has transitioned these opportunities with NAVAIR and commercial customers into fully developed and tangible projects.

2019 Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) December 2019 | Phoenix, AZ 85004 USA

The Defense Manufacturing Conference is limited to solely US citizens and focuses on directly supporting the US defense community and allied governments. AETC was invited to the conference in December of 2019 and had both the honor and pleasure to present jointly with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) by working through the Small Business Innovation Program (SBIP) office. DLA helps to support the small business community through their Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP) by promoting their innovative projects at conferences such as DMC. This is depicted in the image below of an AETC engineer showcasing various projects and technologies.This also provided an opportunity for AETC to exhibit their technologies to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and numerous prospective customers.

AETC looks forward to many more exciting engagements in the road ahead.



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