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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

American Energy Technologies Co. (AETC) is thrilled to announce an upcoming Joint Development Agreement with Volt Resources and Urban Electric Power centered on the development, demonstration and commercialization of advanced graphitic products in support of rechargeable alkaline battery technologies.

Volt Resources is slated to supply graphite from its European and African graphite projects, which will apply AETC’s “inverted flowsheet” of graphite’s secondary processing methodology to produce spherical purified graphite for lithium-ion batteries, and to collect the valuable non-spherical high purity byproduct. It is this byproduct that holds potential for conductivity enhancement in batteries, as well as other specialty applications, and that will be leveraged in this collaboration. AETC will incorporate this material into ultrahigh-purity carbon pigment-based coatings and dry powders. In turn, these materials will be designed to improve the performance of Urban Electric Power’s alkaline batteries. Urban Electric Power’s alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery technology evolves the traditional primary system into a large format rechargeable battery for long-term energy storage applications. Their alkaline battery supplies the missing piece of a more accessible, clean, and resilient energy infrastructure.

As a result of this joint development agreement, rechargeable alkaline battery consumers will benefit from both a competitive cost structure and superior product performance. This effort also represents Volt Resources’ debut in the US battery market, and into that of alkaline batteries overall, which boasts annual sales in the range of $7.5 billion annually. AETC is proud to partner with Volt Resources and Urban Electric Power to engineer the future of conductivity enhancement coatings in alkaline batteries, reshape the graphite product supply chain, and to connect with firms across the globe to fashion the energy storage markets of tomorrow.

Corresponding news releases by AETC’s partners in this venture can be found at the links that follow:



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