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American Energy Technologies Company considers itself an expert in the realm of industrial graphite and carbon. Out of the hundreds of commodity markets for these products, we at AETC cater our products and services to only a section of the available market - that of ultrahigh purity specialized materials. Though US and foreign installations are largely capable of processing general-purpose graphite and carbons in bulk, only a few enterprises have a production culture which can support the processing of ultrahigh purity materials without cross-contamination. Thus, firms that can meet this need play a critical role in the graphite industry.

For example, let’s take a look at the spherical graphite used in the anode of an automotive lithium-ion battery. Over the past few years, the requirements regarding the purity of carbon used in this application have increased from 99.8 wt.%C to 99.9 wt.%C, then to 99.95 wt.%C, finally reaching 99.99 wt.%C today. Achieving this purity for the finished product is anything but trivial. Passing purified material through conventional metal processing equipment such as grinders, mills, and screens could result in the pickup of more than 50 ppm of impurities per pass. Over the course of multiple passes and processing steps, this adds up. Thus, processing materials in such a way that the battery-ready product retains a 99.99 wt.%C purity is an art, science, and a cutting-edge engineering undertaking. Coupled with the requirement of product consistency, high volume, and economical operations, this presents an even greater challenge, which AETC has been quite successful in overcoming.

Throughout these pages, we invite you to explore how AETC produces unique spheronized battery powders; thin, graphene-like, highly delaminated, electrically-conductive powders; ultrapure graphite based coatings and dispersions; nano-coated carbons; and aggregate-free powders and inks. The above applications find use in a variety of high-tech markets, including advanced battery systems, new-generation obscuration materials for military purposes, specialty anti-corrosion and EMI-shielding paints and coatings, unique precursors to semiconductor grade and gemstone quality artificial diamonds, food-grade contact applications, medical markets, and a variety of other high-end uses which are otherwise impossible to meet with traditional industrial graphite and carbon.

Ultrapure Graphite and Carbon -

Ultrapure Graphite and Carbon Being Shipped out of AETC Post-Processing

You will also learn how AETC is proudly crafting an alternative to the conventional graphite supply chains prevalent in today’s market, with the focus on creating a sovereign North American supply chain. After all, graphite precursors may be found in vast natural reserves or produced at North American-based refineries, then completely processed, used, and consumed in the same place, creating a supply chain independent of political factors, currency exchange rate fluctuations, and other factors that add to the insecurity of existing foreign supply chains. In a similar vein, AETC strongly supports the establishment of alternative graphite supply chains in other parts of the world as well. The worldwide graphite industry has great growth potential, and we are honored to play a meaningful role in its expansion.

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