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Welcome to American Energy Technologies Company!

American Energy Technologies Co. (AETC) is a small, privately-owned and operated, woman-owned business. Our company conducts operations out of two locations in the greater Chicago area in Illinois, USA. The company was founded and is managed by experienced Ph.D.-level battery and materials science experts with decades-long tangible experience with the U.S. industry. EMBA-level training at leading U.S. business schools further fuels our corporate growth. AETC believes that it is not just our technologies, but also our people – our most valuable intangible asset – that can demonstrate that your investment in a project with us will make a difference.


As introduced in this website, our business portfolio can be split into three groups:


1. Contractual Research and Development for the Industry and Federal Government.

AETC is a participant in several high-profile R&D-sponsored initiatives by the U.S. federal government and its allied governments working with the U.S. Department of State. More information regarding AETC’s participation in these research initiatives can be found on numerous public websites as well as in news releases on relevant government-run websites. Complementing that work is AETC’s routine engagement with more than 50 commercial clients, to include international mining companies. We engage in basic R&D, pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility projects related to industrial graphite and carbon, primary (flotation) and secondary (value-added downstream) processing. In doing projects for the industry, we operate as a boutique plant, catering to specific needs of our clients and ensuring that their raw materials get processed into precisely-tailored specifications that the ultimate end users require. We are able to make samples ranging from a few to hundreds of kilograms which could be supplied to the OEM end users and qualified in fully functional end use devices. We can then work with our commercial client to ensure the technologies we used in feasibility testwork could be engineered for production, scaled up and implemented at the customer production sites. Often, we will set up quality programs at our customer’s laboratories, preparing them to either an ISO-level audit or to simply become a vendor of another member of the supply chain in downstream processing.

2. Commercial Products.

2.1 Advanced Battery Systems:

In recent years, the world has been overtaken by the emergence of lithium ion batteries. However, the battery market is much larger than just lithium ion batteries: there are approximately 30 battery chemistries that find unique uses outside the lithium ion bubble. AETC caters products to those niches. Because of the general industry focus on lithium ion technologies, other battery chemistries are being neglected, even though they are uniquely positioned to serve burgeoning industries, such as the medical device industry, whose applications include, among others, pacemakers and hearing aid devices, as well as other industries, such as drones and flashlights. These applications could even include sustainable electric technology for energizing vehicles and electric locomotive engines. AETC currently has 4 commercial and prototype lithium primary batteries (Alkaline, Leclanché, Lithium Primary, and Lithium Ion), which are designed for proprietary engineered systems and available commercially.


2.2 Engineered systems and specialty tooling

AETC carries a sophisticated capability of making specialty tooling through precision die and tool design and fabrication. We operate 3D Printers and CNC Mills to create prototypes which are later fabricated using the most advanced methods of machining and top-of-the-line machine shop abilities. With our dies and molds, we proudly produce systems with near metal-to-metal contact in which the surfaces have practically zero clearance, which is indicative of the high-precision technology used here at AETC. We have successfully manufactured tools and jigs designed for drilling, bending, crimping, drawing, and folding materials, among other applications. These innovations allow us to remain a viable supplier of battery making tools for the R&D community in the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, this tooling is also used in-house for internal fabrication of batteries and processing reactors.

2.3 Graphite and Carbon:
AETC has a heavy focus on the sustainable supply of industrial graphite and carbon, which includes our work with Natural, Synthetic, Vein, Amorphous, Expanded, and Delaminated Expanded forms of graphite. In addition, we have a line for producing nanocarbon materials, as well as a line for supplying nanosize coatings on graphite and carbon materials. Furthermore, AETC operates several unique Spheroidization Mills, which are outfitted with a sophisticated classification system for producing spherical graphite for battery anodes. A complementary capability in AETC’s applications of graphite and carbon is our ability to formulate conductive inks and coatings (using advanced forms of Carbon Black) which incorporate these graphite materials. Of special interest are our nanoscale carbon and graphite materials for IR and dual spectra electromagnetic obscuration, which we supplied into the government programs managed by the Aberdeen Proving Ground, NATO, and European Reassurance Initiatives of the U.S. Department of State.


2.4 Specialty Materials:

AETC is equipped with the expertise to produce various specialty materials. Among these capabilities, we boast the process of making technical-grade synthetic diamonds out of graphite precursor. Furthermore, we produce quality high-temperature, high-performance coatings for ultra-high-performance and high-temperature tribological applications, in addition to new generation armor and new materials that could benefit metallurgical applications. These include processes associated with the use of recarburizers, melt covers, and EAF graphite electrodes, as well as thermally conductive coatings, materials for powdered metal, friction and composites industries.

2.5 Anti-Corrosion technologies:
AETC is an active provider of cathodic protection technologies via impressed current. On that note, our systems are designed to operate in the toughest operational environments of subterranean corrosion, protecting critical infrastructure assets for up to 50 years without replacement. We also employ a line of anticorrosion primers which are based on phosphate- and chrome-free pigments. Moreover, AETC offers a variety of top coating technologies composed of polyurethane with additions of proprietary pigments and other formulation additives. Last but not least, we offer a line of conductive coatings and pigments with tailored all-weather, all-terrain EMI shielding properties. Aiding our ability to manufacture new products is a set of sophisticated analytical tools and instruments which allow us to run adhesion tests, accelerated weathering tests, UV exposure tests, humidity exposure tests, and standard salt fog spray tests.


3. Commercial Services.

3.1 Research and Development Center:

AETC proudly provides Research and Development services specific to the battery, carbon, specialty coatings, and metallurgical industries. Some of the instruments, which we operate in the analytical lab include the Microtrac S3500, Horiba LA 910, Quantachrome Nova 2200e, Autotap and Scott Volumeter, Inductively Coupled Plasma on Solids (Solid ICP), MicroTig Welders, Inert Gas Glove Boxes, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), atomic level resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) outfitted with EDAX function, Weathering and Fog Testers, Precision Dies, Spheroidization Mills, Sulfur Analyzers, Helium Pycnometer, potentiostats, environmental chambers, and 5-Decimal Balances, among others.

3.2 Pilot Processing:

AETC operates several pilot processing lines that make advanced graphite and carbon products for the industry. Talk to us about micronizing graphite or purifying graphite and carbon using environmentally benign methods, as well as producing Activated Carbon and/or Expanded Delaminated Graphite, Spherical Graphite and Carbon Coated Spherical Graphite, Silicon- or Boron-Topped Spherical Graphite, or Nanoceramics-Coated Powders or Electrodes. Additionally, contact us if you need custom-made batteries, as we may be able to help. Our throughput rates in production equipment can satisfy a bankable feasibility study of your project.

3.3 Business Development and Consulting:

AETC is proudly leveraging its knowledge of the industrial graphite, carbon, and battery industries in helping our clients develop product placement and promotional strategies, identify niche market segments of high profitability, create guiding product specifications, and produce price assessments. For example, emerging mining operations often work with us on crafting their business strategies for addressing the market space of energy technologies.

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