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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Michelle Barsukov assists in development of new product packaging

American Energy Technologies Company is pleased to recognize the outstanding efforts of its summer 2013 interns, who contributed in a significant way to the new technology development and commercialization efforts of our company. The individuals listed below took part in project IIP-1248895, entitled: “New and Improved Zinc-Air Battery System and Devices.” This Research & Development initiative was sponsored by the Small Business Innovative Research program at the Engineering division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP) of National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.

Interns names are listed below:

  • Ms. Nicole Torskiy (senior student at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL),

  • Ms. Alisa Khananashvili (senior student at Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, IL),

  • Ms. Michelle Barsukov (eighth grade student at Maple Middle School, Northbrook, IL), and

  • Mr. Edmond Torskiy (junior student at Stevenson High School, Buffalo Grove, IL).

Edmond Torsky is preparing material blends for battery manufacturing

The project sought the development of a series of next generation Metal-Air batteries with longer lasting power sources for hearing aid devices, which millions of elderly and hearing impaired people use on a daily basis. The individuals listed above embraced the objectives of the effort and contributed to the project’s success by developing dozens of formulations of zinc-air batteries for performance testing.

Besides hands-on lab work, they also assisted AETC in better defining the societal benefits and value proposition of the new hearing aid technology. They contributed to research on the hearing-impaired community and assisted AETC in creating a business plan for this important market segment. The students also led the effort around product design, product packaging, and user testing. This outstanding group displayed their passion for not only developing a technology that sells but also one that improves people’s lives in a tangible way.

AETC staff has truly enjoyed working with young people, who were willing to put the societal benefit to the forefront, while keeping a strong emphasis on commercial interests of the company. We were glad to learn that Edmond, Michelle, Alisa, and Nicole are such people.

Alisa Khananashvili is surface finishing battery cans

More information about the National Science Foundation’s project with AETC can be found in the following link:

More information about the Industrial Innovation and Partnerships Division (IIP) of the National Science Foundation can be found at the following link:

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