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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

American Energy Technologies Company is pleased to be mentioned in several news releases through our partnership with Irving A. Backman’s DATT group. The article praising our work, “Irving A. Backman’s Team Celebrates EARTH DAY 2018 With New Initiatives to Fight Global Warming: Extracting Clean Energy from Coal with Zero Emissions to the Atmosphere, Providing Clean Drinking Water, Improving Lithium Batteries and Steel Strength, and Semiconductor Performance”, was published in Yahoo Finance, Market Watch (Dow Jones), and Energy Daily. Read it here:

DEDHAM, Mass., April 10, 2018 — Irving A. Backman’s DATT Group (Developers of Advanced Technology Today) and associated companies commemorate EARTH DAY 2018 by announcing significant initiatives for combatting Global Warming and Climate Change. The DATT Group’s partners include SARC/Global, Casimir Systemics and American Energy Technologies Company.

According to Mr. Backman, “Earth Day 2018 is ideal to announce significant initiatives to improve the planet’s environment, starting this summer.  The recent discovery by Casimir Systemics  of stored solar energy provides a new source of energy. For billions of years,our sun has provided heat and light, while simultaneously storing solar energy deep in the ground as ‘coal.’  Now, Casimir Systemics has discovered how to extract only clean energy still leaving the coal underground! Thus, all the dangers and toxic effects of mining dirty coal are eliminated, allowing generation of inexpensive, reliable clean electricity and liquid fuels including diesel, gasoline and jet fuel throughout the world.”

A technological breakthrough by American Energy Technologies changes coal particles into synthetic graphitized carbon, ideal for significantly improved lithium battery and semiconductor performance; steel quality, strength and longevity; and valuable precious metal recovery.

The Aqua Regia-Water Remediation and Purification SYSTEM (WRPS) from SARC/Global eliminates dirty, contaminated, toxic water from the oceans, rivers and lakes — even cooling towers on buildings and all ballast water from ocean-going vessels. New technological breakthroughs are delivering clean, usable drinking water across the globe.

As the planet celebrates Earth Day 2018, Mr. Backman’s leadership and enthusiasm for using new disruptive technologies is improving the sustainability of our world.  As he says, “We CAN do it!”

About Irving A. Backman & Associates, LLC and the DATT Group (Developers of Advanced Technology Today)

For almost four decades, Mr. Backman has led a team of scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and business professionals dedicating their intellectual resources and skills for the advancement of earth-friendly technologies relating to the reduction of global warming and climate change. Irving A. Backman & Associates, LLC is headquartered in Dedham, MA. Visit



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